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Podium Orders
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
Mobile Apps
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
Mobile Apps
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
Mobile Apps
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
Mobile Apps
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
Mobile Apps
For business, schools, charities & clubs.
The most powerful 0% commission ordering system.
Sell your products on web & mobile. Stop paying commission.

We transact millions every month all over the world.

Butchers, Restaurants, Takeaways, Healthy Prepared Meals, Irish Hurling, Beauty Clinics. To name a few. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell my products?

We can install Podium Orders on your existing website, build you a new website with Podium Orders installed, your mobile website, a native app (App Store & Google Play Store), a Progressive Web App, with all of these matching your brand guidelines perfectly. 

How do I receive orders?

- On the Podium Orders web backend
- On an Android / iOS Tablet App
- Organise orders by the time they came in, or the time you need to fulfil them (Delivery preorders)
- Via Email
- Export Orders to CSV file with all relevant details, good for route planning
- View a list of all products ordered during a period (great for if need to see at a glance what you have to ship out on any given day / week etc.)
- See number of products ordered grouped by either day they should be fulfilled, or total orders within a period.

How do I print orders?

- Your normal desktop printer
- A portable bluetooth printer
- Your existing Point of Sale Printers (Hundreds of models supported)

How do I manage my store?

- Have multiple opening hours per day (Split Shift)
- Have separate delivery / pickup hours
- Set blacklist days (Irregular days that you're closed - public holidays / christmas etc.)
- Show custom message when closed
- Allow customers to browse even while closed
- Set a custom refund policy
- Set a food allergy policy (required by law)
- Display your social media links
- Set your store time zone and address
- Calculate order reference numbers either 'Daily', 'Consecutively', or 'Random'
- Receive a PDF tally sheet for every order via email, showing what was ordered and allowing delivery driver to tick off items. (Good for larger orders)
- Set any currency for your store
- Set either KM / Miles as distance unit.
- Temporarily hide menu items / categories from store, for out of stock products etc.
- Show a search bar for customers to handily find products (Good for large product lists)

What options for pickup are there?

- Require only same day order/pickup
- Allow customers to order as far out for pickup as you like
- Exclude closed days from this number
- Set a lead time for orders (e.g earliest pickup time is 30 mins from now)
- Set custom pickup intervals. (10/15/20 min intervals for example)
- Override with completely custom pickup times, e.g 14:24, 16:47, 18:13
- Disable payment on pickup and force payment on order
- Allow user to choose a pickup point

What options for delivery are there?

- Find customers address with either Google Maps or bespoke Postcode lookup
- Require only same day order/delivery
- Allow customers to order as far out for delivery as you like
- Exclude closed days from this number
- Set a lead time for delivery (e.g earliest delivery time is 30 mins from now)
- Set custom delivery intervals. (10/15/20 min intervals for example)
- Override with completely custom delivery times, e.g 14:24, 16:47, 18:13)
- Disable payment on delivery and force payment on order
- Set a minimum delivery amount
- Minimum delivery amount can exclude delivery cost
- Allow free delivery (always or when spending 'x' amount
- Delivery Charging methods:
- Flat Rate (Same price regardless of order value or distance)
- Flat Rate by Country (Allow set prices per country)
- By distance (Calculate how far customer is from you, and charge them appropriately
- By Postcode (Granular control over what postcodes you deliver to, and the cost to deliver to each postcode)
- User Choice (Allow user to choose standard or expedited delivery)
- By order weight. (Calculate weight of products in cart, charge appropriately.)

Can customers order from their table?

- Glad you asked! Set custom numbers or names for your tables and allow users to choose from dropdown
- Require users to pay by card when ordering to table.

How do I manage the products I'm selling?

Product can belong to a category. You can: 
- Show a category description
- Set a custom image for the category
- Set a custom tax rate per category
- Order products within category any way you like
- Set subcategories, e.g "Drinks → Alcohol → Spirits

Managing a product:
- Show a product description
- Set a custom image for the product
- Set product to appear in multiple categories
- Set product's 'Primary Category' for tax purposes
- Set price
- Set weight
- Give the product a unit title (singular/plural) - used for delivery sheets
- Allow product to ship for free (Digital products)
- Set as many variations to the product as required
- Set conditional variations (e.g customer chooses to upgrade drink to milkshake, show milkshake flavour options)
- Set nutritional information (Calories, Protein, Fats, Carbs, Sugar, Sodium, Fibre)

What about variations or products with options?

- These are the options that appear when a user adds product to cart.
- Set single choice (e.g Coke / Sprite / Fanta), or multiple choice (e.g What toppings on your pizza? - Cheese / Ham / Salami / Peppers / Mushrooms.
- Set a maximum number of choices (e.g Choose 4 toppings for your pizza)
- Make the option a required choice.
- Set weights of variation choices (used for calculating weight at checkout)
- Use variations for Upsell / Cross-selling (e.g customer adds beef patties to their cart, prompt for burger buns)

Can you handle subscriptions?

You bet.
- Allow products to be subscription based (Currently Stripe only supported Payment Gateway for this)
- Set recurring period (every week / month / 3 month etc)

Can I run promotions or discounts?

- Create as many discount codes as you like
- Turn them on and off at will (without deleting)
- % discount (20%) or fixed amount (£20)
- Gift Card Functionality
- Calculate % discount per product
- Apply to only shipping/delivery cost
- Limit to one user per user
- Have minimum spend for code to be applied
- Set a maximum number of times can be used (e.g First 100 purchases)
- Apply discount after 'x' number in cart (e.g when 10 meals added to cart, discount product by 'x'% or 'x'£/$/€)
- Apply the code automatically
- Limit the code to only certain products
- Limit the code to only certain categories

Can you make it match my current website/system?

- Control every element of your store, colours, fonts, size, position of elements.
- Or choose from one of our beautiful templates.
- Set your own Favicons for web stores.
- Have custom images or icons for your categories or products. Great for visual menus.

Can you automate the customer interaction?

- Of course! Place custom messages at checkout for both delivery, pickup, and order to table options.
- Show a custom success message when customer completes order.
- Send emails at any or all of these stages, and customise the message that goes out: Receipt Email, Accepted Order, Rejected Order, Completed Order, Reopened Order.
- Downloadable QR code for easy scanning by customers

Can I use my existing payment provider?

- Set tax inclusive or exclusive in prices
- Integrate with your chosen Payment Provider. Currently supported: Pay by bank transfer, CreditCall/eKashu, Paypal, PayFast (South Africa), SagePay, Stripe, Paygate, PaymentSense, Mollie (Netherlands), Square, PaymentExpress(DPS), Windcave (New Zealand), WorldPay.
- If your gateway is not on this list, simply ask and we will integrate it.
- Show logos for compliance (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, JCB)
- Allow pay by Apple Pay / Google Pay via Stripe Checkout.

Can Podium Orders do 'x'?

Our feature list is growing rapidly. If you need it, we can build it. 
Unlike our competitors, our platform is our own, and we control every aspect of it.
I'm ready to start selling

We have a suite of products.

Podium Apps

Templated, affordable native & progressive mobile apps for small business, clubs & charities.

Podium Orders

Our own ordering system that allows you to stop paying 20%+ commission to other platforms.

Podium Guest

A digital welcome book for holiday homes, airbnb properties, hotels & destinations.

Podium Digital

Bespoke mobile & web applications for solving complex business issues.

Some of our recent work.

We're trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide.

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