Welcome to the Podium Apps Blog. Here we will share industry news, client showcases, feature releases and mobile application strategy for small business.

Ross Porter & myself, Kieran Donnelly, founded Podium Apps Limited in early 2015 after discovering through our experience in the business telecoms industry a need for reasonably priced mobile app development for businesses.

With over 95% of people owning a smart phone today, we have all seen our customers glued to their mobile devices. Businesses and organisations now are embracing this technology as a direct marketing channel. Through push notifications, targeted offers and closer communication through their social networks, our customers are also increasing revenue, footfall & loyalty to their businesses.

Growing rapidly, Podium Apps now have a presence in Central America, London, Northern Ireland & New Zealand. Our team of knowledgeable representatives are able to explain mobile apps in a way that makes sense for your business,  and explain how you can use a mobile app to engage and delight your customers.

Recently awarded a place on the Entrepreneurial Spark programme launching in Belfast, we are delighted to be entering an environment geared for massive growth throughout 2016 and beyond.

Many thanks to our early customers, it's great to see the engagement your apps are generating.

Podium Apps Ltd UK: NI630987 NZ: 5889998 
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